CAIS Courses in S2

CAIS Courses in S2
Thursday 12 July 2018

Postgraduate Courses

MEAS6504 Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy
Dr M. Murat Yurtbilir
MEAS8108 Issues of Development
Dr Jessie Moritz
MEAS8114 Geopolitics in Central Asia
Dr Kirill Nourzhanov
MEAS8115 Islam in World Politics
Professor James Piscatori
MEAS8116 Islam and Democracy
Professor James Piscatori


Undergraduate Courses

MEAS1002 Islam, History
& Institutions

Dr Raihan Ismail
MEAS2001 New States of Eurasia
Dr Kirill Nourzhanov
MEAS2004 Turkish Politics
and Foreign Policy

Dr Murat Yurtbilir
MEAS2105 Political Economy
of the Middle East

Dr Jessie Moritz
POLS2031 Politics in the Middle East
Prof. Amin Saikal & Stephanie Wright
MEAS3002 Gender & Culture
in Iran & the Middle East

Dr Zahra Taheri & Dr Raihan Ismail

Language Courses

ARAB1003/6103 Intro Arabic B (On campus & online)
France Meyer
ARAB2012/6502 Intermediate Arabic B (On campus & online)
Leila Kouatly
ARAB3002/6504 Advanced Arabic B (On campus & online)
ARAB3006/6508 Special Topics in Arabic
ARAB3007/6509 Directed Study

Dr Huda Al-Tamimi
ARAB3008 Media Arabic & Current Affairs (Online)
Leila Kouatly
PERS1002/6002 Introductory Persian B (On campus & online)
Dr Zahra Taheri
PERS2004/6004 Intermediate Persian B(On campus & online)
PERS3006/6006 Advanced Persian B (On campus & online
Dr Negar Davari
TURK1002/ 6002 Elementary Turkish B
Dr Murat Yurtbilir






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