CAIS Public Lecture Series


CAIS Public Lecture Series

The CAIS Public Lecture Series features the research of staff, visiting fellows and research colleagues of the Centre. The series aims to present expert insight on both historical and contemporary issues pertaining to the Middle East, Central Asia and Islam covering a broad range of topics in current affairs, political science, international relations, history, sociology, languages and beyond. The CAIS Public Lectures are held regularly throughout the year. To be kept informed of the CAIS Public Lecture Series and other news or events at the Centre please email

Past events

Conversation with Professor Ghassan Hage

1 Sep 2022

This panel will discuss Professor Ghassan Hage’s most recent publication The Diasporic Condition Ethnographic Explorations of the Lebanese in the World (2021...

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Governing Covid-19 in Lebanon: Territories of Sectarianism and Solidarity

23 Jun 2022

Rather than merely consolidating and reproducing its sectarian political system, the governance of the pandemic in Lebanon also reveals tensions between...

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A Cognitive Arab Uprising? Paradigm Shifts in Arab Social Sciences

16 Jun 2022

This lecture focuses on the notion of knowledge production in the Arab world in the last decade. It contributes to the debate about how scholarship in the Arab...

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CAIS Public Lecture "Bringing Philosophy and Sociology to the Egyptian Public"

9 Jun 2022

This lecture will discuss how sociology and philosophy are conveyed to the public in restrictive contexts in the Arab world. Using Egypt as an example, Dr....

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CAIS Public Lecture "Crisis of Democratization: Tunisia's Ongoing Transition"

26 May 2022

This lecture traces the trajectory of Tunisia's crisis of democratization and the current political impasse since President Kais Saied's consolidation of power...

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CAIS Public Lecture "What to Expect from Egypt and the UAE: Host of COP 27 and 28

12 May 2022

The Arab region, characterized by arid climate conditions but diverse economic wealth, is one of the most vulnerable regions to the adverse impacts of climate...

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CAIS Public Lecture "Vanguard of Modernity: The Muthaqqafun (Intelligentsia) in Kuwait"

31 Mar 2022

The Gulf region is often portrayed as a timeless domain of tribes and tradition, untouched by the modern socio-political dynamics experienced in the wider Arab...

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CAIS Public Lecture "Inside Iran: complex dynamics of Politics, Religion and Global Security"

24 Mar 2022

This Pulbic Lecture focuses on Iran's political dynamics post 2009, just one year before the Arab Uprisings.  It addresses Iran's return to more political...

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CAIS Public Lecture "Advanced Sultanism? The case of MBS and MBZ"

10 Mar 2022

Muhammad bin Salman Al-Saud and Muhammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the respective princely strongmen of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have torn up the old rules. They...

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Fraternal Enemies No More? Israel and the Gulf Monarchies: Beyond the Abraham Accords

24 Jun 2021

Professor Clive Jones will offer a nuanced appraisal of Israel-Gulf monarchies relations as they have developed historically and where they stand today beyond...

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