In the media

CAIS academic staff and research scholars have been able to provide constant media commentary on the situation in Iraq and Australia's involvement in the Middle East. The following interviews and media pieces have been published in recent months:

Guo, X., Turkey’s “safe zone” may prove costly , The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 14 Oct 2019.
Parmeter, Ian, Israel’s Arabs awaken to their electoral power, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 25 Sep 2019.
Bowker, B., Tina Turner, Menzies and Suez: What's Love Got to do with it? , Australian Institute of International Affairs - Outlook, 25 Sep 2019.
Moritz, J., Saudi oil attack, ABC Radio - JJJ Hack, 24 Sep 2019.
Bowker, B., Syria: Is it time for the West to talk with Assad?, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 19 Sep 2019.
Moritz, J., Saudi Arabia drone atacks, Voice of America - International edition, 17 Sep 2019.
Moritz, J., Saudi oil attacks: Houthis claim responsibility, ABC TV News, 16 Sep 2019.
Parmeter, Ian, Will Israeli voters give Bibi a “get out of jail” card?, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 12 Sep 2019.
Norling, J., US Withdrawal From the JCPOA: A New Entanglement for Australia?, Australian Institute of International Affairs - Outlook, 10 Sep 2019.
Ian Parmeter, US-Iranian Détente: Don’t Hold Your Breath, Australian Institute of International Affairs - Outlook, 1 Sep 2019.
Wright, S., US-Turkish “Safe Zones” Endanger Democracy in North-Eastern Syria, Australian Outlook, 22 Aug 2019.
Bob Bowker, Morsi’s fate a reminder of power realities in Egypt, The Lowy Interpreter, 19 Jun 2019.
Aidan Parkes, Playing with Fire, The Wire, 18 Jun 2019.
Nourzhanov, K., Nazarbayev has resigned, but little will change in Kazakhstan, East Asia Forum, 17 Apr 2019.
Kinling Lo interviews Victoria Guo, Turkey’s row with China over Uygurs unlikely to affect relations in long term, South China Morning Post, 21 Feb 2019.
Amin Saikal, Iran - 40 years since the revolution, ABC Radio National - Late Night Live, 13 Feb 2019.
Nourzhanov, K., Central Asia’s regional thaw, East Asia Forum, 22 Dec 2018.
Raihan Ismail, The power of Saudi Arabia's clerics and the struggle for religious authority, ABC Religion and Ethics Report, Radio National, 31 Oct 2018.


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