Dr Burcu Cevik-Compiegne

Photo of Burcu Cevik-Compiegne

Position: Lecturer in Turkish Studies and Convenor of Turkish Studies Program

School and/or Centres: Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies

Email: Burcu.Cevik-Compiegne@anu.edu.au


<p>PhD, University of Technology Sydney </p> <p>MA (Research), BA, Aix-Marseille University </p>

Researcher profile: https://researchers.anu.edu.au/researchers/cevik-compiegne-b

Dr Burcu Cevik-Compiegne is a historian and a lecturer in Turkish Studies at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies. She specialises in transnational histories of remembrance of the First World War and Turkish migrant cultures.  

Her research focuses on the social and cultural legacies of the First World War and politics and practices of remembrance of the war in post-imperial and postcolonial nations. Her research uncovers intercultural experiences of the war and its current memorialisation among diasporas in Australia. 

Dr Burcu Cevik-Compiegne’s research is multidisciplinary and remains engaged in First World War Studies, transnational creative writing and cross cultural studies.  

Dr Burcu Cevik-Compiegne is the convenor or Turkish Studies at ANU and the student advisor for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies. She teaches Turkish language as well as Turkish history, society, culture and politics courses.  


Areas of expertise 

  • Transnational history 

  • Multicultural, Intercultural And Cross Cultural Studies 

  • Migrant Cultural Studies 

  • Turkish language and culture 

  • First world War Studies 

  • Ethnic and migration history in Australia 

  • Memory Studies 

  • Public history 

  • Emotional history 

  • Migrant writing 

  • Place and identity 

  • Gender Studies 

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