PhD Graduates

MPhil awarded


Anne-Sophie Gintzburger: The Sources in Variation in the Application of Shari'a-Compliant Finance Contracts: A Comparative Analysis of Shari'a Scholars, Shari'a Board Roles, and Regulatory Variations in Malaysia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States

PhDs awarded



Dr Zaid Alsalami: 'The Philosophical Discourse of Mir Damad: A Comparative Study of Meta-Temporal Creation and Substantial Motion'
Dr Firouzeh Khoshnoudiparast: 'Iranian Nuclear Diplomacy and Nuclear non-proliferation Negotiations (2002-2015)'
Dr Paulina Pijacka: 'Mass Protest Mobilisation in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (2010-2016)'



Dr Dirk Van Der Kley: 'An Organisational Approach to the Study of Chinese Foreign Policy in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan'
Dr Maryam Al-Khater: 'Twitter’s Role in the Social and Political Mobilization of GCC States and Societies'
Dr Anas Iqtait: 'The Political Economy of Rentierism of the Palestinian Authority'



Dr Katlyn Quenzer: 'Writing the Resistance: A Palestinian Intellectual History, 1967-1974'


Dr Sebastian Klich: 'Normative Standing: De Facto State Identity and International Legitimation'


Dr Shuhrat Baratov: 'Hero-making as ontological security practice: Tajikistan's identity politics and relations with Uzbekistan'

Dr Aminat Chokobaeva: The role of the 1916 'Great Revolt' of Central Asia in shaping national identity in Soviet and post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

Dr Yahya Haider: The debates between Ash’arism and Māturīdism in Ottoman religious scholarship.

Dr Caroline Ladewig: The Middle East Peace Process: Reconciliation through education

Dr Jessie Moritz: Slick Operators: Revising Rentier State Theory for the modern Arab Gulf States.

Dr Tome Vangelovski: 'Macedonia: Ethno-Religious Conflict (1991-2016)'

Dr Elisabeth Yarbakhsh: 'Placing hospitality: Iranian citizens and Afghan refugees in the city of Shiraz'


Dr Aly Zaman: The Domestic Impact of Patron-Client State Relationships: American Patronage and Pakistan’s Political Economy during the Cold War.

Dr Brenton Clark: The Islamic Republic of Iran's relations with the Republic of Tajikistan in the post-Soviet period.

Dr Adrian D'Hage: The Influence of Religion on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.


Dr Adel Abdel Ghafar: The Political Economy of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising

Dr Bruce Gerard (Jerry) Nockles: The Fifteen Years Crisis, Iraq 1988-2003: A study of foreign policy elite norms as an analytical lens on decision-making


Dr Nematullah Bizhan: Afghanistan: Foreign aid and state-building (2001-2009)

Dr Lee Schrader: The Middle East Peace Process: The politics of the Quartet


Dr Raihan Ismail: The Education of the Ulama in Saudi Arabia

Dr Faizal Kasmani: BBC and Al Jazeera Coverage of Islam and Democracy: A study of the Iran 2009 election


Dr Christian Bleuer: The fault lines of violent conflict in Tajikistan 

Dr Grigol Ubiria: From Tribes to Modern Nations: Soviet Nation-Building in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Dr Erika Schwarze: Palestinian Public Opinion Polling: The Impact of the People’s Voice on Decision-Making in a Transitional Democracy


Dr Bruce Drummond: Armed Sub-State Actors and Fragile States: Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea

Dr Victoria Kelly-Clark: Clan Power Structures in Central Asia

Dr Penelope Kinch: The United States and Iran: Identity and Alliances in Middle Eastern Sectarian Conflict

Dr Barry Naughten: U.S. Foreign Energy Policy and Grand Strategy Choice:  The Challenge of Global and Regional Systemic Crises


Dr Justin Leach: Comparison of Sudan’s post-independence peace accords

Dr Wendy Levy: The Politics of Governance in Post-war Sudan: problems and prospects of a unified state

Dr Hamish McGregor: Nationalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran 1979-2007

Dr Richard Scrivener: Australian Iranian relations and the Australian US alliance: 1979 to 2003


Dr Abdulaziz M. Al-Wasil: Human rights in Saudi Arabia

Dr Shayeq Qassem: The Geostrategic Dynamics of Central Asian and South Asian Regions and Prospects for Stability in Afghanistan


Dr Sarah Phillips: The Resilience of Authoritarianism in a Pluralised Arab State: A Case Study of Yemen


Dr Abu T.S. Ahmed: The Kashmiri Muslims Uprising of 1990: A Causal Study

Dr Yousuf Ali Humaid Al-Suwaidi: Court Management in Dubai between Present Challenges and Future Opportunities


Dr Kees van der Spek: Political Economy and Social Relations of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna and Dr Abu el-Naga, Egypt


Dr Matthew May: Economic transition in Central Asia: a comparative approach

Dr Douglas Sturkey: The Arab-Israel dispute during the Clinton administration: the limits of American Power

Dr Enayatollah Yazdani: US policy towards central Asia since the collapse of the Soviet Union: changing objectives, priorities, and means


Dr Rizwan Hussain: Pakistan and the emergence of Islamic militancy in Afghanistan: a politico-historical analysis

Dr Khalifa Al-Falasi: The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf: United Arab Emirates-Oman axis


Dr Mariam Al-Oraifi: Saudi Policy Behaviour Towards Iran: An Analysis of the Saudi-Iranian Relationship Since the British Withdrawal from the Gulf Region


Dr Abdullah Al-Rashoud: Satellite Broadcasting & National Development: Relevance to Saudi Arabia

Dr Bob Bowker: UNRWA: Memories, Mythologies and the Palestinian Refugee Issue

Dr Aileen Keating: The Raj in Arabia and Frank Holmes, Father of Oil

Dr Matthew Webb: The right to secede and the case of Kashmir: a critical evaluation of contemporary normative theories of secession


Dr Steven Barraclough: Responses to satellite television in Pakistan, Iran and Egypt

Dr Daryl Champion: Twilight of a Rentier State. Saudi Arabia and the Momentum of Reform

Dr Matthew B Gray: The relationship between economic liberalisation and tourism in the contemporary Middle East: a comparative political economy study of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan

Dr Bruce Koepke: The Impact of Political Islam on Cultural Practices in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, during the Taliban Era


Dr Jetly Rajshree: Ethnicity and nation-building in South Asia: case studies of the Baluch movement in Pakistan and the Khalistan movement in India


Dr Mikhail Alexandrov: Relations between Russia and Kazakhstan in the post-Soviet era (1992-1997)

Dr Mohammad Reza: Saidabadi Iranian-British Relations Since 1979


Dr Kirill Nourzhanov: Politics and change in Tajikistan

Dr Kamran Taremi: Iran and the Middle Eastern security complex: challenge and response, 1979-1980


Dr Latif Abul-Husn: The Lebanese Conflict: a Sociological Study of its Causes and Resolution


Dr Ralph King: Egypt's Foreign Policy in the Decade after Camp David: An Interpretation


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